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Getting your staff PVC ID Cards printed couldn’t be easier, the majority of companies going for a service like ours are small with around 10 – 20 staff however, lately we are producing staff ID cards to companies with anything up to 200 staff members.

A lot of companies get put off the idea of getting ID cards printed by an external company as they are unsure how the service works and not to mention the costs involved, this is what we want to change. With ID cards, being printed every day and over 1000 cards sent out every month we believe we can offer not only the best prices but also the best service.

How we work

We begin the process by asking how many cards you require, from this we will come to an arrangement were you can order approximately 10 more cards than you initially need. This is great for companies with a frequent change in staff or for those who lose their ID cards.

We then ask for your company logo and a brief description for what you want your staff ID cards to look like, this can all be sent to us via email. We then take your logo and start designing your cards. Within two to three hours or even quicker in some cases, we will have a colorful yet professional ID card design; we will then send this across to you for your approval.

You may be thinking what format you need the photos in, On the other hand, how do I get the photos across?

After the design stage it is all about getting your photos across to us, you can use our online portal to upload your photos and see your final design, once received, we will begin production for your staff ID cards. As for the format, we can take any format sent, however the traditional image format is JPEG.

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