Exhibition Design & Production

Exhibition Design & Production

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As a full-service exhibition company,we have over 30 years experience helping businesses of all sizes, design, build and install impressive, innovative and practical stands. Based in the Zimbababwe, we are familiar with all the major exhibition show venues nationally and globally and have a reputation as exceptional designers, builders and project managers.

Exhibition Design

More so than ever, business is conducted online and through the internet. It can be fast moving and impersonal and meeting clients and competitors face-to-face can seem almost impossible. Trade exhibitions may be your only opportunity.

Communication in the digital age means everything is done remotely. But when a buyer, seller and product physically come together, it can be a potent force. And if you want to make the most of the power of exhibitions for your business, you need to invest in quality stand design. As international, award winning stand designers, we have put together some tips to help you get the best out of your exhibition and your stand designer.

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